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The Bathhouse Show

Komae, Tokyo

The bathhouse will be destroyed one day after this show. Then it will seem like this was a dream. Dreams create ideas, and sometimes dreams erase ideas. Take the feeling of this dream with you...

Curated by Ella Krivanek with Dorothy Siemens


#34 Tenants, Aaron Rees, Alli Coates & Signe Pierce, Ander Rennick, Anne Fellner & Burkhard Beschow, Carla Milentis, Caroline David, Dead Kebab, Dorothy Siemens, hhhhhggggg, Hideko Ono, Joseph Buckley, Katherine Botten, Kitty Clark, Lee Kan Kyo, Lucia Quevedo, Mark Tiegs, Matilda Moors, Natalie Pilipatos, Natasha Madden, OH!BLOOD!, Rare Candy, Rowan Oliver, Ruth Angel Edwards, Sinziana Velecescu, Terrell Davis.


Blanket for baby, fabric ball made from Dior Homme Rack Rail Paint Jeans 2011 A/W, wool, wire, metal cable tie, mock Blu-Tac, crab shell mosaic detail (delegated to Ella Krivanek).


Background: Natasha Madden and Katherine Botten

Documentation courtesy of Yuba Hayashi, Keisuke Tanigawa

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