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Amberly, 2014
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Hi Chantal,

It's been a while - how's Morris? Brenda is good but she's still angry about your glass eye joke. I tried to explain it to her bit you know what she can be like (remember that party when she wore that pith?)

Weekends are the best here but I start feeling tired and weird when I think about it. I know it's only been a week but this town has got this weird grip on me, and only when I think of you does it help me relax and not feel so tense and wound up. Time seems to go so slowly here - yesterday I rapped the lyrics of some Simon and Garfunkel song really loud in front of a mirror and pulled silly faces for what I thought was an hour but turns out Tiffany was timing me the whole time and it was only 12 minutes. I played dead on the banana lounge all day yesterday and whistled the Flinstones theme for like 20 minutes and I laughed really loud but then I realised no one was around and I thought this was even funnier and then laughed so hard that I fell into the pool and the cool water felt great on my skin.


Well, just wanted to see how you were going as I see you liked a photo of mine from a coupe of months ago at that weird noise gig we went to together and I guess I miss you a lot. I should probably go because Diane and Jack at having trouble with this puzzle of the Taj Mahal they've been working on for the last week and I rally should give them some company.

P.S I thought I saw a vampire at the local general store here in a reflection when I was trying on glasses.

Love Amberly

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