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untitled, reading for the launch Holly Childs' novel Danklands at Gertrude Contemporary

An unfettered mass of sequins the size of handsome dinner plates underneath the haze of burning halogens

Parchment nestled between the reeds of life resting in stagnant water.


smoldering butterfly eye-look

C.C.T.V footage of sex gel bracelets being snapped

Pig snouts piled high inside a wicker basket and old jasmine leaf formations sit on top of these

Here are my favorite knives arranged from favorite to least favorite

Live Journal cowboy boot dwindling response, tapered around the edges of an agile text

RoarShack sneeze ink blot, challenge round from a boyfriend

sycophantic daisy wilting, with surprising buoyancy at the stem, the base of the flower form sprung from the ground  upward

when niceness becomes   enough

Messina Liano

small hands holding the shards of the earth, tattooed,wet grit frames a sideways smize.

dense thicket of mist around the mast of a ship, a clapper at the center of a bell

terrarium bongwater, lacefront wig.

romantic wad of tissue laid out for all to see

undermining a gentle contribution

Pouring a whole can of beer onto a baby

filthy one-liner, the boys are going to talk to the girls tonight

seamonkies magnified by glass, tank of cage, tower,

the cruelty expressed between the m&m’s spokes-characters

nibbling from the quivering hand that feeds

a bundle of Stereosonic wristbands in a hammock between two trees -  the trees are entwined with climbing ivy, and plant matter is scattered around this scene, too

eyelashes of a cow caught between the ridges of two Georg Jensen bowls

dandelion spore trapped between teeth of a street canvasser
sleeping sweetly until the bell breaks

young men at billboards formulate an unspoken responsibility.
silent stagger, mid-hoof whips,
V-formation  of V-necks

rounded square-toed glide

an accurate depiction of the solar system


A delicate peak in a graphic chart, illustrating new information.

liberty-bell peaking through a sanded scratchy, an icon worn down to a nub.

pulverized chalk pierced by hairs standing on end, on the body of a gymnast.

sequined alibi, successive fish scales, an armadillo in defense;
refracted light bouncing gleefully from sphere form; bauble, glittery.

a tiny dog shivering in a soft leather bag, the bag is punctured by a silver crescent, a sharp mean glint but a little sweet maybe

Coyote Boring

tweenage revolutionary
this best seller

scent of an agenda from freshly dampened limp wrist
a cleansed palette portal, welcoming

the sun sits high in the sky around 11 am. At 12 pm (or noon or midday) I have a dot shadow which is mostly on myself as the sun is directly above me.

euphemisms expelled through pursed lips and gritted teeth soaring like a free angel, high into the sky



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