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Writing and performance for exhibition Something Drawings at Read the Room


Writing contribution for textual component of"party" "girl", at Firstdraft Gallery
Compiled by Ainslie Templeton - can be read here

Artist pages commissioned by UN Magazine, view here

The sun is setting, your cock is a coiled and thick log, it is pressed up against the shower door burgeoning, it is seizing up like a trapped animal, and I am laughing,

A performative text initially performed at
I am a branch floating on a swollen river after the rain
by Wrong Solo (Brian Fuata & Agatha Gothe-Snape) 
at Gertrude Contemporary

(2nd rendition performed for Dissect #3 launch 
at Gertrude Contemporary)

(3rd rendition performed by Hana Earles for #arthole
at West Space)

Parade Fiction 1999/Go-See-Go-See-Go-See
with Jake Swinson as Monica's Gallery
In conjunction with Jessie Kiely
Performed at RMIT Design Hub, published for FDC/RMIT Design hub


Prose for Femme Energy zine


emails, thing,
Reading with Jake Swinson as Monica's Gallery
For Centre for Style's Boulevard at Gertrude Contemporary

my band journal (12),
Reading for the performance The Death of Procris, a performance by Eller Bakker
Performed at The Good Sheppard Chapel in Abbottsford


Reading for the launch Holly Childs' novel Danklands at Gertrude Contemporary

Unpublished and unperformed writing