B E AT P E ACE, lovely, lovely

Fort Delta, 02.06.16 - 02.07.16

wall instrument (actor), 2016

Artificial flower stems, cable ties, magazine advertisement segment

untitled, 2016

Rubber suction cup glass handling tool, skinned cactus, Huxtaburger take-away paper bag, additional fluorescent light fitting 

Dior F/W 2016 (LADY DIOR: crocodile, stingray, calf leather, calf leather), 2016

Graphite on paper

becoming, 2016
Modified Sea Monkey tank, stainless steel surgical kidney bowl

untitled, 2016

2011 A/W Dior Homme Rack Rail jeans (two pairs), hydrophobic chemical spray, Gucci Guilty cologne, water.

instrument (containment, pen), 2016

Child's toy barn fragments, Marc Jacobs Daisy flower ornaments 

sling, 2013 - 2016 

Glomesh, purple synthetic thread (prior halter top traded between various people; former Rare Candy garment, gifted by Rohan Whiteley)

untitled, 2016

Modified imitation crocodile leather boot, modified coconut

Formation VI, 2016 

Styrofoam, highlighter, baggie fragments, cork, crab shell fragments, sunglasses lens, purse shavings, resin beads

B E AT P E  ACE, lovely, lovely, installation view

stem/maestro, 2016
Modified hula hoop

Formation II (detail), 2016 

Styrofoam, highlighter, crab claw, Marc Jacobs Daisy flower ornament, baroque pearl (gifted by Campbell Rothnie)

Formation V, 2016 

Styrofoam, highlighter, cork, crab fragments, bobby pins, counterfeit Dior purse hardware

what is a dream...a wish (excerpt), 2016
HD iPhone footage

industry standard, 2016

Air vent, Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume caps, screws

untitled, 2016

Nylon purse, PVA glue, paint

inner feeling, 2016

HD CGI Animation slideshow still

Documentation courtesy of Tim Dolan and Fort Delta