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Cute, 2014

A series of single night party events taking form over the course of 4 months in 2014.
Each evening generally incorporated various DJ acts, performances, poetry readings and also coinciding photoshoots.

Creative assistance and direction with Rowan Oliver.

Cute is curated and considered. Cute is not a club, but it could be. Cute knows what it wants. Cute isn't the richest girl in town, but she is the luckiest. Cute is implied. Cute is that version of yourself you always knew you could be. Cute is the honest smirk your lover gives you before they go back to playing the game. Cute is catching a glimpse of yourself in the perfect outfit just as you leave the house.

Promotional images for Cute
Graphics by Spencer Lai

Portraits for Cute

Featuring (in order) Rowan Oliver, Divinia, Callan, Honey, Baby Riss, Spencer Lai

Trailer for Cute 2
(featuring Callan, Brennan Olver, Kish Lal, Rowan Oliver and Isabelle Basher)

Directed by Rowan Oliver
Shot by Alden Epp

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